We congratulate Nathan and Rusty of Switchnode on their successful application to the Dan Holzapfel Entrepreneurial Program. Nathan and Rusty have been successful in gaining $18 000 funding towards their start-up, Switchnode.

Switchnode provides an alternative to the current internet arrangements available to Australian households and business.  With the vision to become a large-scale alternative to traditional internet systems and be a world-wide distributor of internet-enabled hardware. With a focus to provide internet capacity for elevator companies, there is no shortage of industries where Switchnode has the potential to grow into the future with unique products including farms, the transport industry and all operations on the move – all based here in the Redlands.

Nathan and Rusty will focus on two products, the Elevator Product commencing early 2019 and the Travel Node, a portable heavy duty 4g WIFI device, aimed at the caravanning grey nomad market. President Don Seccombe states “It is fantastic to see young Redlanders find alternatives to current offerings in our increasingly digitalised world. We believe in the passion both Nathan and Rusty have for the telecommunications industry and look forward to seeing their success into the future.”

When meeting with the Redland Foundation to advise of their successful application, Nathan of Switchnode said, “We couldn’t be more thankful to Dan Holzapfel and the Redlands Foundation for their generosity. Dan’s grant will be a game changer for our business, going towards the development of a new emergency phone system for elevators.  We had been engaged specifically to develop this product due to Switchnode’s expertise with wireless internet systems, but until now we had no idea how we were going to fund it! This is an enormous next step for our company, and for the alternative of high-speed internet in Redland City.”