CTP Supporter Program

In 2011, the Redland Foundation established a relationship with insurance group QBE, allowing us to benefit from its Compulsory Third Party insurance product (CTP).

The exciting news is that QBE has offered Redland Foundation a donation of $20 for every Class 1 and Class 6 vehicle nominating QBE – CTP Insurance.

As an added bonus they will also issue you a free $1 Million Driver Protect Cover.

All you need to do is to complete this form and forward it directly to QBE.

If you are a Business with more than four vehicles, you just need to fill in your Customer Reference Number, and QBE will change over all your vehicles.

You don’t have to wait until your registration is due – it is best to do it now. QBE will make the change so when your registration renewal arrives it will have recorded QBE as your provider.

If you already use QBE, we would appreciate it if you would still fill in this form, so that Redland Foundation Public Trust receives its donation.

A new form will need to be filled in and forwarded each year to QBE in order for your donation to be ongoing, except if you are a Business with more than four vehicles where renewal is automatic.

CTP cover is included in the registration cost of every motor vehicle in Queensland.

Every Queensland individual and Company has the right to nominate their compulsory third party insurance provider, to be paid with their vehicle registration.

CTP cover, for vehicles such as sedans (Class 1) and utilities (Class 6), is provided by four insurance companies and is offered at relatively similar cost.

When you register your vehicle you have the opportunity to nominate your insurer.

Funds raised through our CTP Supporter program are currently directed into the Redland Foundation Disaster Relief Fund, but may be allocated to other community needs in the future.

Register Here for our CTP Supporter Program

You can either 1) print out, complete and post the form back to QBE  or 2)  return it to QBE online using the submit button below.  QBE will manage the transfer of your CTP with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and provide the donation to us when you next pay your registration. (Remember, you must do this each and every year before your vehicle registration is due), except for Business as explained above.

Contribute To One Of Our Trusts.

Funds may be donated into one of two different Trusts.