The Redland Foundation has announced the the fourth year of The Jeffrey and Geraldine Underhill Community Grants Program which is now open for applications.

The Jeffrey and Geraldine Underhill Community Grants Program welcomes applications of up to $10 000 per application for assets, facility improvements and minor infrastructure projects benefiting Redland City. This is a perpetual grants program of $70 000 annually. The Redland Foundation may provide funding for projects by community organisations that improve the well-being, quality of life, community participation and life skills of residents and which develop and / or strengthen community networks throughout Redlands.

The 2018 Guidelines and Application has been uploaded to Underhill Grants Program. Applicants must submit their applications by the closing date of 5pm, Saturday June 30th, 2018.
A list of successful Redland organisations can be found here.

We encourage applicants to seek advice from our Grants Coordinator Lauren Andreatta via or 3207 1133 to discuss eligibility and confirm that any previous applications have been successfully acquitted.


UPCOMING WORKSHOP – The Redland Foundation will be hosting two workshops on Wednesday June 6th 2018 at the Redlands Sporting Club. Held by our Grants Coordinator, these sessions will discuss both grants programs (the Ian McDougall Memorial Grants Program and the Underhill Community Grants Program), Funding Guidelines, application questions, assessment process and acquittal requirements. To register your interest, please email or call 3207 1133 with your organisation and number of attendees.