The Ian McDougall Memorial Grant

Funding up to $5,000 (Equipment and Small Facility Upgrades)

Open – Closing November 30, 2021

The Ian McDougall Memorial Grants Program, made possible by a bequest from the Estate of Ian McDougall is now open and welcomes applications of up to $5,000 for small equipment for NFP community organisations. This grant has a funding pool of $30,000 annually. Generally the Ian McDougall Memorial Grants Program may fund the following types of activities, or projects:

  • Assets the contribute to an organisation’s viability.
  • Projects that enhance an organisation’s service delivery capacity, such as the purchase of specialised equipment.
  • Minor facility improvements.
  • Funding for young people to attend a sporting event they have been selected at a State level to represent Nationally, or selected Nationally to represent Internationally. The actual participation date will be in the financial year of application. This application is also open to young people attending an event in pursuit of their music, arts or academic endeavours.


Ian McDougall Memorial Grant Application 2021 – Organisation
Ian McDougall Memorial Grant Application 2021 – Individual

Ian McDougall Memorial Grant Guidelines 2021

FOR CURRENT APPLICATIONS: All Redland Foundation Funding can be acquitted using the following form. Please ensure copies of receipts are attached when you submit. Redland Foundation Acquittal Form

  For more information please contact our Grants Coordinator Lauren on 3207 1133.