Annual Grant Programs

The Foundation actively seeks bequests and donations from generous members of our close-knit community who can recognise the importance of supporting our City’s own philanthropic organisation.

Our Grants Programs are designed to be flexible and responsive to adapt to the requests of our supporters so that the unique requirements of individuals and their estates can be appropriately met.

In this way, the Redland Foundation hopes to be able to offer a continually expanding number of opportunities for Redlands based not-for-profit community organisations to receive our support.

In establishing the guidelines for each grant opportunity, we closely consider the long-term benefit to Redlands people, preferring the kind of capital, social, cultural and other infrastructure and equipment that benefits as many people as possible and delivers long-lasting returns.

To keep up to date with new grant opportunities into the future, find us on Facebook or contact Lauren on 3207 1133 (office is located at the Redlands Sporting Club) or via

Current Grant Programs:

The Redland Foundation hosts three annual grants programs annually covering individual excellence, equipment, entrepreneurship and facility upgrades of community infrastructure that improve the well-being, quality of life, community participation and life skills of local residents and which develop and / or strengthen community networks throughout the Redland City.

The Dan Holzapfel Entrepreneurial Grant

Up to $25 000 for business start-ups in the Redlands

The Ian McDougall Memorial Grants Program

Up to $5,000 for small equipment and individual excellence

Jeffrey and Geraldine Underhill Grants Program

Up to $10,000 for community facility upgrades

Contribute To One Of Our Trusts.

Funds may be donated into one of two different Trusts.