The Redland Foundation has announced the opening of the Dan Holzapfel Entrepreneurial Program, offering support of up to $25 000.00 per application for business start-ups in Redland City. Applications are now open and close Wednesday 31st October.

The funding made available by local philanthropist Dan Holzafel, will have long term benefits in the Redland business sector, offering never before seen support, both financially and through access to some of Redlands leading business professionals. Applications are encouraged to apply for financial support of start-up capital, legal administration costs, research and development, and fees associated with the completion of a prototype.

The Dan Holzapfel Entrepreneurial Program provides access to financial assistance to equip start-up businesses to get a strong and positive start in the Redlands.  Strong new business ventures that employ local people are of great benefit to the Redland community.

Redland Foundation President Don Seccombe stated that “the generosity of Dan Holzapfel has provided a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurial innovation that can potentially impact the local economy through product and service development leading to employment opportunities.”

To be eligible for funding, applicants must be over 18 and while it’s not essential that applicants reside locally, the business must be situated in Redland City. Business start-ups must contribute to the betterment of Redland City and demonstrate economic benefit to Redlands through growth, employment and generate opportunities for people.

Donna Stone, local business expert has stated:  “I’m very excited that the Redland Foundation has made this opportunity available to local entrepreneurs.  I strongly encourage all eligible persons to apply.  Even the process, regardless of the outcome, will be an exceptional opportunity to improve, learn and grown.”

For further information on available funding, please see or contact Funding Coordinator Lauren Andreatta via

Dan-Holzapfel-(Patron Redland Foundation) Philanthrophist Dan Holzapfel