BaySamba (encompassing Ruby Phoenix Tribal Dance Group) was funded $3 575.00 through the 2017 Ian McDougall Memorial Grants Program to for the purchase of dance and drumming equipment to support their free community performances throughout the Redlands. The popular group is well-known in Redlands for their vibrant displays, exciting drumming and community focus.

‘Thanks to the Redland Foundation Ian McDougall Memorial Grants Program funding we have been able to purchase items to lift our performances to a professional standard – we have performed at some of Redlands largest events including the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony due to the exceptional talent of our members and with this funding it will support our team to continue the joy we bring Redlands.’   – Emma Hooper, Ruby Phoenix Organiser.

Baysamba was formed by Alf Allison in Thornlands 2014 to introduce the exciting sounds of carnival street drumming to the Redlands area.   Alf was an active member of a large Samba band in Perth, of which there were two in operation. One of them closed their doors and Alf passionately took it upon himself to start a samba band in Redlands acquiring several drums from the closed Perth band.  BaySamba presents a robust exciting style of drumming – festivals, parties, carnivals, think Brazil the heart of samba drumming, now performed by many groups around the globe.

Baysamba have come a long way from the humble beginnings of two people in 2014 and now has a core group of twelve drummers entertaining Redlanders on a weekly basis.  In 2017 the group introduced African drumming to provide another aspect of entertainment and live music for the dancers to perform to.They have performed at no cost in many events in the past year for the Redland community, including:

Redlands Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony
Indigi Day Out/Folk Redlands
Lakeside Winter Wonderland
Redlands Relay for Life
Redlands Easter Family Festival
Karragarra Annual Seamarket to name a few and, the big Halloween street party held annually in Manly.

Due to overwhelming popularity and the colorful energy they bring to community events, BaySamba has been flagged to return to a number of these events this year, among others.

The dance component of BaySamba, Ruby Phoenix Tribal Dancing formed as a result of the closure of another local belly dancing school which found Mandy and Emma, students of the school for 12 years and teachers for three, ready to start their own group. They wanted to carry on dancing and teaching so formed Ruby Phoenix and quickly word spread of the opportunity to continue dancing.   Band members joined to learn tribal belly dancing and they in turn brought more members. Ruby Phoenix Tribal Dancing now has 14 performing members and regularly welcomes new participants to classes.

Group organiser Emma states, ‘Both BaySamba and the Ruby Phoenix Tribal Dancers perform together in events and festivals; the energy, colour and party atmosphere we bring to the Redlands community can be seen and felt at every event we attend. Our purpose is to bring joy to those attending and performing, whatever their situation.’

You can see BaySamba Drumming and Ruby Phoenix Tribal Dancing at the following upcoming Redland community events:

15th April 2018 – Redlands Game Carnival drumming and dance workshops between 10am -12pm. Raby Bay Harbour Park, Cleveland
21st April 2018 – Donald Simpson Centre Harmony Day, Cleveland, between 10am -12pm

** Bellydance troupe only
2nd June 2018 – IndigiDayout/Folk Redlands Indigiscapes Gardens, Capalaba between 10am-1pm

BaySamba practice every Wednesday from 6.00pm to 8.30pm at the Pine Lodge Equestrian Centre, 78 Taylor Road, Thornlands; just up the road from Sheldon College.  All are welcome to come along and watch or join in on the fun.