About Us

Doing good for the people of Redland City.

The Redland Foundation is Redland’s own philanthropic organisation, raising funds through bequests, donations and events to support the needs of community and charitable causes located in Redland City.

Redland City is situated on the southern coast of Moreton Bay, within one hour’s drive of the CBDs of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Ipswich. The Redlands region, spanning an area of just over 530 square kilometres, was founded as a Shire in 1949 from the former Shires of Tingalpa and Cleveland. It attained City status on 15 March 2008.

Redland Foundation is first and foremost a benefactor organisation working to help build a resilient and self-reliant community that can provide for its own current and emerging needs well into the future.

Funds raised are distributed through widely advertised, formally structured, grant giving programs and through direct support for targeted initiatives including special one-off events.

As well, we welcome direct approaches by individuals and organisations seeking support for unique causes whose philosophies, aims and objectives align with those of the Foundation.

Decisions on the disbursement of funds are driven by a volunteer Board comprising community leaders who apply carefully developed criteria and parameters to assess the impact, viability and reach of projects we support.

We seek to achieve positive outcomes by working in close collaboration with the wider community.

In this way, we seek to contribute effectively to the enhancement of Redlands’ community resilience, a term that describes the “sustained ability to use available resource to respond to, withstand and recover from adverse situations such as natural disasters and economic hardship”.

To achieve this, we rely on the generosity and goodwill of individuals and organisations living and working in Redland City, the jewel of South East Queensland.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the most respected philanthropic organisation serving the community of Redland City.

Our mission is to raise funds in the Redlands for the benefit of the Redlands community in a passionate, respected and responsible manner with our goals:

Our Goals

Our goals are to:

  • Seek donations and bequests, supported by fundraising to support the organisation’s goals.
  • Provide grants to charitable and community organisations to foster stronger communities and volunteerism.
  • Maintain a strategy and funds to support the Redlands community in the event of the declaration of a natural disaster within the Redlands or affecting Redlands residents.
  • Raise funds and support projects, in all ways possible, that aim to reduce Domestic Violence and its impact on those affected.
  • Support areas of special needs within the Redlands community where residents are affected by illness, disabilities, age, homelessness and violence.
  • Effectively manage funds at its disposal to ensure long-term and maximum benefit to the Redlands community.

Our Board & Patrons

  • Don Seccombe – Chairman
  • Ian Neil – Vice Chairman
  • Jim Baldwin – Treasurer
  • Lauren Andreatta – Secretary
  • Dan Holzapfel – Patron
  • Ken Ewald
  • Peter Marer
  • Lee Cottam
  • Corinne Tomasi
  • Laraine Dillon
  • Donna Stone
  • Garry Hargraves
  • Sandi Shuttleworth

Friends & Supporters

Redland Foundation is indebted to individuals and organisations for their cumulative support since our inception.

Our Ambassadors

We are delighted to be supported by two exceptional community ambassadors.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are the change that we seek.

Barack Obama

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